AFC LS Truck Load Services
The segment of the transportation industry that pertains to logistics and methods of distribution requires service companies to perform in accordance with a customer's needs.  Usually quality of service and cost containment are the driving factors in selecting a service provider.  The buyer of services should have a keen awareness of the core competencies of each service provider, as there are a large number of companies and a variety of services.

The following are examples of services offered by AFC LS to its clients:
    A major promotion that requires the cargo to arrive at a retailer's facility in sync with the arrival of installers to set up the "time sensitive" material.  Projects of this magnitude require 24/7 coverage and an advertising campaign launch that announces the program to the public on a specific date.  The program includes proof of delivery.

    A communication company manufactures a high value product that originates at two or more facilities.  The product is combined in transit and delivered to the distribution facilities as one shipment. The merge must occur and reach the distribution points within the same 24-hour period.  The flow from the manufacturer is seven days per week and is tracked throughout the process.

    A manufacturer requires a service and cost analysis on a specific mode of transportation in key traffic lanes.  AFC LS Proprietary System provides the means to analyze services and cost as well as provide an internal routing guide to the various departments within the user's organization.  This project requires coverage and constant surveillance.

    A medical facility requires an emergency medical device delivered on the same day to the hospital's Operating Suite.  AFC LS collects the apparatus from the OEM and dispatches the shipment to the consignee.  This project requires 24/7 coverage and constant surveillance.

    A machine is inoperable at the customer's location and requires a retrofit.  AFC LS picks up a replacement machine at the manufacturer's facility, delivers and unpacks the new machine, while removing, repacking and shipping defunct machine to the manufacturer.  This is accomplished at multiple locations within a specified period.  Tracking, status reports and proof of delivery are provided throughout the project.

    A company requires the movement of heavy weight restricted articles in an emergency.  AFC LS arranges for the movement within a specified period and crafts the solution.  The movement is tracked and status reports are provided throughout the project.

    A company requires the movement of perishable goods to a country in South America.  AFC LS picks up the shipment at the origin, moves the shipment to the appropriate gateway, repacks the shipment with ice, prepares the documentation including government registration, inspection and export control.  Consignee and shipper are informed of its arrival and delivery.

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